Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peyton Shaun....3/23/09

This is our newest addition weighing in at 10.5lbs!!! He is just precious. Mom and Baby are doing great. Kenzi is getting used to the idea that she has to share parents with baby brother. Gary is going over in April, Candace and I in May and we cannot wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hubby and I just got back from Tyler - camping and visiting with the kiddos! Kids are back from spring break - a great time had by all that went skiing. They are all back in school...Daughter is doing good with nursing school and son is doing great with his athletic training. He is still a bit sore from 4-wheeling but coming along nicely!

Hubby and I camped at a place that we probably won't go again to but is was good and had wi-fi so we didn't get too bored. We saw the azaleas in Tyler - boy are they pretty!!! The houses in Tyler remind me of Highland Park. If I was through with school - it probably wouldn't take much for us to pick up and move there. We just love it but I hate the traffic!!!

Spring is here and the weather has been beautiful. Enjoy what God is giving us!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!!

So our youngest son came home yesterday for spring break. He took off with his buddies to Royse City to ride 4 wheelers. We got a call around 6:30 ish that youngest son's vehicle flipped over on top of him....but he was good....they brought him to the hospital in Rockwall which was absolutely PACKED!!! We got there at 7 and didn't leave until around midnight. Broken ribs is all he has except for a few bruises and scratches. He did have his helmet on! We have an awesome God!!!!

Middle daughter is in Ruidoso skiing with 5 of her friends. It rained all day yesterday so they were not too happy! Hopefully today will be better.

Kiss your kids all you can - tell them you love them everyday - you never know when it's your last............


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness


Well March is here and off to a bang. We had TAKS testing yesterday which I think is absolutely stupid! But then no one asked me lol. I think it was the longest test taking day of the year!

We are counting the days to spring break. Candace and Chase have spring break next week. Mine is the next. Candace is going skiing - hopefully to have a great time. Chase doesn't have plans due to his basketball season. Hopefully he will get to come home.

19 days until Peyton's due date! OMG!!! I cannot wait to see him!!! and Kenzi Lynn!!!

Chase tested out of his math class and he was so excited and of course we were too!!! Seems like he's doing well in school! My nephew Trevor was nominated and chosen to the Student of the year at Cain Middle School for the Rotary Club. He also won this in 6th grade. We are sooooo proud of him!!! You rock Trevor!!!!!

We obtained a new dog last night - he slept in bed with us last night and booted Gary out of bed! lol...Gary came back to find him sleeping on his pillow - needless to say, Elvis, yes that is his name and we didn't name him - might change it - he will not be sleeping with us again...according to Gary haha.

Church has really been awesome the last few weeks...making me think about who I am and who I should be......hhhhhmmmmm What would God label me as???