Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time/Birthday Time

Well well well - the family pulled it off!  A surprise 50th party for muah!!!  Candace and Megan came in and we went to get our nails and toes done - which was a blast!  Then we drove home with our fake flip flops on and went into a house full of wonderful friends!  What fun we had.  Gary Nelson did good.  Here are a few pictures!  The family gave me an Ipad 2 and I love it - I'm still learning it!!

What a fun time we had!!!  Thanks my precious family!!!

Now onto more family fun - love love the Christmas time and the cooking and baking that goes on with all of it!!!  We have already had one Christmas celebration and another one tonight then one Saturday morning and one Sunday evening!! 
THEN - onto Tucson!!!! We cannot wait to see the grandbabies and have Christmas with them for a few days!!! 
I've been trying to do the Elf Shelf thing with Peyton and Kenzi and it's very fun....a little more difficult to do for Grandbabies!!! But still fun!

We always desperately try to keep Christ in Christmas - The Satterwhite's pray that you do too!!

Wise Men Still Seek Him!

Merry Christmas

Friday, November 4, 2011


Fall - I love fall!!! We've had so much fun with the kiddos!  Trunk or Treat with Nanie, Fall Festival with the Gaines, Trick or Treating with Uncle Chase and Erica and our families, pumpkin carving with Uncle Eric and Aunt Tandace!!!!  Fun times!!!!

Lots of changes - lots of praying - lots of pondering!!  I pray that we always listen to our God and Saviour about decisions - allow him to guide our thoughts.

Happy Fall!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I just love fall!!! The colors, the smells, the coolness, the rain and remembering my grandparents birthdays which in turn spawn many memories to savor. 

Alot has gone on since the last post.  Synopsis: a cruise - amazing famil time; a trip to Tucson - fabulous family time; an unexpected trip to Arkansas for a minor emergency - Gary was in the hospital - all is well.  The last but not least a trip to Florida with great friends that was amazing!!! Could not have been a better summer....but all things must come to an end and so it did.

School started with a bang 8/22 - I have over 200 students but love what I do.  I am teaching PALS this year and absolutely love it.

Gary has been a little stressed over his job and God is so amazing.  He really wanted to be home on Wednesdays the month of December.  I've prayed for that and many other things concerning his job and amazingly today information came about that says he will be home the WHOLE month of December!  Why will we never stop underestimating our God......He has it all under control - yet again showing us that!!

Chase is loving his new job - Candace still loves hers.

I leave Friday to go to Tucson to help Misti bring the babies back to Texas for a visit.  Cannot wait!!!!!  Those babies are growing so fast!!!

Happy Birthday Papa and Grandmother - we miss you both dearly but treasure the memories.......

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer has begun 6/21/11

Vacation number 1 is down....took my parents to Branson and Eureka Springs - grabbed Gary in Bentonville and headed south!! Had a great time.  Next week - going to Tucson to see the babies and their parents lol.

Summer is going to fly by! but I am enjoying every minute of it!

Doctor appts this week...working on new lessons for next year! 

Find the positives in all you do!!!


Family we visited in Springfield Missouri!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of School Year

Today is the last full week of school and the last week with all of the students.  I cannot believe we have made it a full year!!! God has richly blessed me this year and I have so enjoyed teaching Art to these great 7th and 8th graders!!!!

I am patiently awaiting the summer - alot to do - many short vacations and another cruise celebrating Candace's graduation!!!! I cannot wait!!!!

Gary is still traveling back and forth to Bentonville, Arkansas.  Poor thing has had more trouble with the flights! But we are grateful to have a job.  I told him we could move there!  My wonderful music teacher that I was the assistant to is moving there as soon as school is out - I cannot wait to visit and see what kind of trouble we can get into!!! Only HGTV kind of trouble I'm sure.

Candace is loving her job at Mother Francis on the pedi floor.  Chase is still at Town East Ford - not for sure he's so loving it but it is a job.

Shaun and Misti and kids, moved into their brand new house and love love love it!  I'm planning a trip out there this summer for a few days and I cannot wait!!

Thank you Jesus for who you are and that your word is what we are grounded in.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


This week has 2 birthdays in it!!!  Peyton Shaun turned 2 on Wed and Shaun Kenneth turns 31 on Friday!!! What a joy for them to have almost the same birthday!!!  Peyton is just a beautiful blue eyed boy that is running and playing all day!!  Shaun is an airman in the AirForce and we are very proud of him!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Ice Snow Snow Baby!!!!!

Well - we all know that it's been icy since Tuesday and 6 inches of snow fell today in the DFW area and I'm loving the beautiful creation of God.  Everything is white and fluffy!!!

Gary has been in Bentonville ARK all week and tried to get home Thursday night.  Bentonville received a ton of snow on Tues/Wed and of course by the time he got in the car at midnight it was a blizzard here.  His luggage was still on the plane when he left so who knows when it will be delivered.  He said that God is teaching him patience!! Alot of it! He hates cold......

We went into school yesterday at 10am and had fun with the kiddos.  They were a little stir crazy but always fun.

Not for sure what is in store for today but so glad to have both my boys home with me instead of being by myself like Tues and Thurs.  I cleaned closets/washed clothes and scrap booked quite a bit. 

I let the dogs out this morning and lost Eboni.  I kept waiting for her and noticed that Shooter was standing by the pool-----well there she was in the water.  She can't see so she couldn't tell where the concrete ended and the water began and in she went.  Elvis loves the nose and rubs his face in it and Shooter, well he just doesn't want to go in it at all.

Enjoy God's blessings today, allow him to show you what he wants for you today.