Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Monday, September 29, 2008

Girls Night Out

Candace and I had a wonderful time on our little shopping trip!!! We wanted to go to the Outlet Malls in Gainsville and we did go but there are about 5 shops open!!! We ended up at Vista Ridge Mall which was quite nice!!

Mike's family and mine met at mom's for breakfast to celebrate Daddy's 73 b-day!!!! We had a great time!

Wednesday is Fair day!!! Misti and Makenzi are going with us!! Can't wait!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kenzi is here!!! With her Mom!!!

We met the family at Chili's and Kenzi was trying to feed herself Macaroni!!! We had a great visit! She is just precious! Her and Misti were very tired!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Misti and Kenzi are landing at 3:00 ish today and we are meeting them to eat tonight! I cannot wait!!!!

Our church is doing a 40 days of fasting and is asking us to give up something for 40 days....hhhmmmm I need to think what would affect me the most!

The fair starts tomorrow - our fair day is next Wednesday - I'm excited to go! I hope the weather is pretty!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Misti and Kenzi will be here tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait!!!

Another drama - I rescued a dog that was so cute but very large....we finally found a family to take her. She came yesterday to pick her up, Gary put a leash around Molly and she tore out of the yard and snapped the leash taking off down the street!!! Mrs. Duckworth drove to where she was, Gary picked her up - which is a feat in itself - and put her in the back seat of her car!!! OMG! I hope she works out there. Shooter was getting jealous - I guess he doesn't want a buddy in the back yard lolol.

I'm so tired of school already - really I think I'm just tired of the drive to Commerce!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I just got 2 new videos of Kenzi Lynn!!!! They are so precious....they arrive in the states next Thursday!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!! Check it out!!!

Today is Friday and don't we love Fridays? I do!!!

My mom has been diagnosed with Glaucoma - she's lost some vision in her left eye. She is on eye drops - we pray they work!!!!

Hope all have a great weekend!!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help me remember....

Why I want to teach these precious kids? I got spit at today - not once but twice by the same kid because he is angry with me for making him follow directions. The second time one of our principals saw him and gave him the what for.....OMG!!! I couldn't believe the first time but the 2nd???????

This year has really been a different kind of year already and we've only been here since 8/25!!! Alot of prayer is going to be needed to get through this year!

Went and watched Trevor our nephew play football and I might say he was fantastic!!!! Way to go Trevor....

Lexi Belle cheers and does a GREAT job at that too!!!! Congrats on her getting her new gymnastic move - sorry but I think it's a round off flipflop!! Either way it is impressive!

Chase comes home again this weekend and so does Candace for her b-day lunch Sunday! Woohoo our baby girl is turning 21!!!!! I know she's excited! hahaha

Well - just wanted for someone to remind me why I'm getting my education degree........oh yea to help these precious kids!!! I need reminding..........................................................~~K~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pay Day!!!

So Dinner with Carol was a blast!!! We always love to talk and talk and talk! Takes us hours to catch up on life!

So Saturday was crazy with the weather!!! We are all safe and accounted for. Praying for all that stayed behind in Galveston - I just don't understand when it's a mandatory evacuation - why do they stay behind then complain when the rescue people can't get to them or they don't have water or electricity!!!! They were told to leave! Guess you have to be in their shoes to understand but I SURE wouldn't be complaining! Pray that they are all found soon!

Misti and Makenzi come home in 10 days - I cannot wait!!!!!

Candace turns 21 in 8 days!!!

My my we are busy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a busy 3 weeks. Back in school where I work and back in school where I study!!!

Misti and Makenzi will be in the states Sept 25th!!! I cannot wait. Misti is still feeling kind of sickly - hope that goes away soon!

Candace and Chase are loving Tyler!! I just hope they are loving school.

I have been by myself all week. Gary has been on a "business trip" to Las Vegas! He really has Tech Ed this week but who wouldn't want to go to Las Vegas! Miss him - glad he'll be home tomorrow!

Well a funny for the week....I let Eboni out - our 5 lb poodle - outside with Golden Retriever and the Great Pyrenees (that I need to have someone rescue) and someone pushed her into the pool......she's not a great swimmer but somehow she got to the step and just stood there. I yelled and yelled - was about to leave and decided I better find her or the big dogs might stomp on her. There she was with her head barely out of the water - right next to a DEAD RAT!!!

All is good with the dogs and me! haha

I am meeting a dear friend of mine for dinner tonight to have some girl time! Can't wait - then I hope to make a couple of cards!