Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Swine Flu


What in the world is going on? Did the government need a deturant from their problems so now we cancel everything for the swine flu?

Rockwall ISD has cancelled all field trips which entails our yearly trip to San Antonio for an overnight trip with 200 children. What a nightmare trying to get their money back.

This just all doesn't make sense. We have hundreds out of school in February and no on cancelled school but we have 1 or 2 out and bam! Schools close for a week.

Can someone please make sense of this for all of those involved? We do not understand how a couple of cases of a flu we don't know a whole lot about can cause such havic when our normal flu season kills thousands of people a year and now one gets all excited about that!

Just take normal precautions and be safe.

Gary is home from Italy and I am counting down the days - one month from today and we'll be in Italy!!!! I cannot wait!!!


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