Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow It's been a wild month!!

A couple of pics of the precious Grandbabies!! I cannot wait until they are back into the states!!!!!!
2 more weeks and the kiddos and teachers are back in school - I'm getting excited - I love my job!!!!!

Chase is moved back to Tyler into his apt with Joey. It's a cute apt!!! Candace is doing well there also - cute house! She trying to work a bunch before school starts - sometimes the hospital messes that plan up - but you know - you can never mess up God's plan. Pray for his guidance through all endeavors!

Gary and I are back to empty nesters! Last year it didn't hit me as hard because I was so hard into school and gone every day of the week!! This fall I have 3 classes - 2 face to face and 1 online! I cannot believe it - I graduate in December!!! I take my certification test Aug 29 - please pray this is the first ECE - 6 test offered and I'm a bit nervous! But back to the empty nesters - I think this fall will be harder. I know we've raised our kiddos - all of them - to know right from wrong and that it's time to spread their wings and take on their own life - fun and not so fun. I just pray that they all follow our God in fellowship and worship - dig into a church and do what we are told to do - lead others to Christ and worship Him. There are so many ways within a church to help - find one today and be an example!! Praying for our kids!!!

On a sad note a little boy in our neighborhood, going into 4th grade, passed away Tuesday. His name is Loren - please pray for this family. Hug and kiss your kids for only God knows the number of days on this earth for us all.
~Blessings to all~
Ciao for now

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