Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time/Birthday Time

Well well well - the family pulled it off!  A surprise 50th party for muah!!!  Candace and Megan came in and we went to get our nails and toes done - which was a blast!  Then we drove home with our fake flip flops on and went into a house full of wonderful friends!  What fun we had.  Gary Nelson did good.  Here are a few pictures!  The family gave me an Ipad 2 and I love it - I'm still learning it!!

What a fun time we had!!!  Thanks my precious family!!!

Now onto more family fun - love love the Christmas time and the cooking and baking that goes on with all of it!!!  We have already had one Christmas celebration and another one tonight then one Saturday morning and one Sunday evening!! 
THEN - onto Tucson!!!! We cannot wait to see the grandbabies and have Christmas with them for a few days!!! 
I've been trying to do the Elf Shelf thing with Peyton and Kenzi and it's very fun....a little more difficult to do for Grandbabies!!! But still fun!

We always desperately try to keep Christ in Christmas - The Satterwhite's pray that you do too!!

Wise Men Still Seek Him!

Merry Christmas

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