Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving is upon us..........

"Do not get tired of doing what is good. Don't get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time."
- Galatians 6:9

Greatful - Thankful hearts - we are so blessed. 
We will miss family this year
We will see family this year
We will give thanks for All
All that we have been blessed with
All that we have not been blessed with
what a wonderful time to be thankful

My list could go on and on and on....suffice to say that Gary and I are blessed beyond measure and there is no way to list all of our blessings and not leave one off.  We have a wonderful family, wonderful jobs, wonderful friends, wonderful church family, wonderful "things"...........

I watch my kiddos at school and listen to their stories of joy and heart ache.  It's hard to teach them to learn something from everything good and bad but I try.  We talk about our thanks - and reach out to show our thanks!  What a blessing to be able to work with all kinds of children and learn from them and teach them!

Be thankful this year for something.  Good and Bad - the good can bring bad and the bad can bring good and it's all in God's plan.

Thank you God for you blessings - we are thankful!

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