Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I so love this poem and I love all things fall - it leads to the season of our Saviors Birth!!

Love Fall

hello Monday.
saying goodbye to Summer is bittersweet.
i LOVE Summer.
i love the sunshine.
like the heat - don't love it.
sitting by the pool.
soaking up the rays.
Summer just does something for my soul.
i am blown away with where i am.
life is ever changing.
i am in awe of life's goodness.
of my blessings.
for my family.
my children.
and right now the most 
important person in my life.
my Mr.
i am grateful.
there are no words to describe how i feel.
there just isn't a word big enough to
 describe, define or explain.
i am happy.
today i am bursting.
with happiness.
My kids are wonderful.
i love my girl.
my daughter.
my friend.
the relationship i have with her is different.
she is my middle child.
my spoiled child.
makes me laugh.
she's quick - loud - happy - fun.
she's a care-giver.
My first son - my oldest
bossy - military - loving-compassionate
has made a wonderful family
with his precious wife.
Kenzi, our first grandbaby
so witty and cheerful
Peyton our first Grandson
so loving and precious
My last born child - the youngest
funny  - spoiled - artistic
me with my Mr.
just the two of us.
my wonderful Mr.
loving, musical, compassionate,
caring, humble
there is always something to look forward to.
this Summer has been full.
chuck full.
looking forward to the Fall.
Love Fall
Love the coolness in the air.
Love the gold and yellow colors everywhere
Love that football has started
Mum's everywhere
so goodbye Summer.
hello Fall.

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