Newest Addition - Hayden

Newest Addition - Hayden

Friday, February 24, 2012


I so have spring fever!!!  Our spring break isn't until the first week in April which will really make the last 2 months go by fast!!! AND I get to keep my grandbabies for a couple of days while their parents celebrate their anniversary!  I'm SO SO excited!

Alot has gone one in our circle of family and friends....Chase is living in Arlington and loving being 20 minutes from his job instead of over an hour.  Gary is still in Bentonville but slowly working on doing something else!  Candace is still in Tyler and loving her job and her friend boy has moved back to Tyler so she is a happy girl!
Kenzi Lynn starts school in July!! Peyton will start a preschool at somepoint soon.  They are growing up so fast!  Love Love on your kiddos -  time is short and we just never know God's plan for us all.

Blessings this beautiful day!!

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Lori said...

So glad that things are going good for y'all. I hope Gary will be able to find something closer to home. I know you must miss him. Hope you have a good spring break.
Love you my friend.